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CPP   syllabus 


  1. Description:

In this course, you'll examine object-oriented programming techniques, class libraries, exception handling, and templates to write C++ programs.


  1. Objectives:

·         After completing this tutorial, you'll be able to identify the benefits of using C++ and object-oriented programming techniques for application development.

  1. Hardware and Software Required:

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  1. Content Outline:
  2. C++ Overview

C++ Characteristics

Object-Oriented Terminology


Object-Oriented Paradigm

Abstract Data Types

I/O Services

Standard Template Library

Standards Compliance

  1. Functions and Variables

Functions: Declaration and Definition

Variables: Definition, Declaration, and Scope

Variables: Dynamic Creation and Derived Data

Arrays and Strings in C++


  1. Classes in C++

Defining Classes in C++

Classes and Encapsulation

Member Functions

Instantiating and Using Classes

Using Constructors

Multiple Constructors and Initialization Lists

Using Destructors to Destroy Instances


  1. Operator Overloading

Operator Overloading

Working with Overloaded Operator Methods

  1. Initialization and Assignment

Initialization vs. Assignment

The Copy Constructor

Assigning Values

Specialized Constructors and Methods

Constant and Static Class Members

  1. Storage Management

Memory Allocation

Dynamic Allocation: new and delete

  1. Inheritance

Overview of Inheritance

Defining Base and Derived Classes

Constructor and Destructor Calls

  1. Polymorphism

Overview of Polymorphism

  1. Input and Output in C++ Programs

Standard Streams


Unformatted Input and Output

File Input and Output

  1. Exceptions


Inheritance and Exceptions

Exception Hierarchies

Inside an Exception Handler

  1. Templates

Template Overview

Customizing a Templated Method

Standard Template Library Containers

    16.  Data Structures